Workflow is the electronic movement of documents around a business.

Every document that comes into a business, whether paper or electronic, has both a route and a life expectancy and in most instances a procedure.

Each procedure is a fingerprint to a business. No two are the same. Imscans flexibility ensures that our workflows match your fingerprint perfectly, working for you not against you. Documents will be instantly sent to the person who needs to see it, not buried on a desk or lost on a staircase, or worse in the post.

The workflows allow the document to be coded, authorised, returned, directed along another route or any other activity required for that document, and it can be compared and validated against other associated documents.

And to top it off, a full audit trail is provided!

The key to Imscans Workflow success is to provide a flexible approach to the workflow design. Imscan will follow paperwork around a business and map out the route each piece takes, then design and implement a workflow based on this. If every piece of paper needs 3 physical signatures, it will get 3 digital signatures.

By working closely with you at this stage, businesses can both ensure that all proceses are present and correct, but also have the opportunity to overhaul and improve the workflow and business processes.

An authorisation trail which could previously have taken 3 weeks, can take minutes as users authorise remotely across the web. Holidays and absences no longer prove a concern, and by implementing quality exception handling, documents can be prevented from being processed incorrectly.



While every business is different, Imscan find that the following exceptions are the standard exceptions a business wishes to capture.

  • Unknown supplier/customer

  • Invalid/Non existing Ref/PO Number

  • Incorrect Price

  • Incorrect QTY

  • Goods Not Received

There will obvious be more specific to your business, but by thinking about the main issues and capturing them efficiently with Imscan’s Document Management and Workflow, Valid Documents are processed much more efficiently and exceptions flagged up and recorded. This data allows you to make improvements both internally, and externally!


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