purchase to pay

Purchase to Pay

Reduce the cost of invoice processing, by up to 90%!

Imscan Purchase to Pay is an efficient, time saving way of processing Purchase Invoices, while at the same time eliminating payment errors.


Purchase invoices arriving in a business require receipting, analysing, posting into the accounting system, validating against delivery notes and Purchase Orders, authorisation and then ultimately paying.

Studies show that for a typical business, the cost of processing an invoice averages around £45 - Imagine turning that £45 into 45p!

purchase to payImscan’s unique way of processing Invoices ensures that you get the results you require, without the costly overheads. By utilising inhouse/ outsourced or hybrid solutions, Imscan can provide a service tailored to you.

Every Invoice received by the business will follow a set routine prior to payment. In Summary this could be described as:

Capture – Validation – Authorisation – Payment.

On receipt, the document is scanned , using a scanner or Multi-Function Device (photocopier), or imported into the Imscan System.

These scanned images are then processed, where the content of the documents is extracted. This data is then validated against your data such as “Supplier Master File” and “Open orders file” before being entered into the authorisation workflow. This ensures that the Invoices received are the Invoices that you should be receiving.


The Documents then enter the workflow, either into the Authorisation route for valid invoices, or into the Exception routes to deal with Problem invoices.

Users can view supporting documents, redirect, receipt and then ultimately authorise the document, all without having to touch the paper again. By going through these stages, the export data contains only the data you need to make payments, ie the correct payments!

The resultant data is delivered to the accounting system for posting eliminating time consuming and costly operator resources.


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